My Girlfriend and I were so inlove, after we had our first child things changed. So confused.

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My girlfriend and I had our first child four months ago, we are highschool sweethearts, she was always a bit scorning and could be nasty when she got angry but after we moved in together with our son she was exetremely verball and physically agressive with me and checking my e-mails and online banking. Taunting me saying things like "I hope *mysonsname* is not yours and calling the women in my family whores. She hit me once and a while with a metal brrom being the most notable breaking it over my head and ussually when im not looking will come and hit me in the face after an arguement which eventually seemed to be on a daily basis. The most I had every done in retaliation was slap her after she called my mother a s**t and kicked a chair on the way out of my apartment which slammed into the wall. Anyways , to the point this week I asked her to go to the city where my mom lives with my son alone who I assume doesnt want to see her after my mother witness her hitting me and she didnt bother excusing her behavior yet she insisted that she come. She ended up with a rant saying I would never see my son again and she could take him anytime she wanted. I never even realized what I had done until after I did it but I punched her giving her a big lump and bruise. My gut is wrenching at the thought, I am still is disbelief at what I did, I thought I loved her so much, now I don't know what to think of myself I am disgraced. The situation might seem of so simple leave when she just e-mailed me saying she is back from the doctors and her blood test said she is pregnant again. I feel so helpless for my kids and I want to do whats best but I could never take doing that to one of them and I'm scared she would act the same to them. It hurts to remeber back how things were before and I want to make clear I in no way blame my son for this!

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