My DLInk DIR-625 has quit. The only light on is the power light.

by Guest14631397  |  10 years, 3 month(s) ago

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My DLInk DIR-625 has quit. The only light on is the power light.
If I plug a cable into any port (1-4) then into the computer,
the light for the port doesn't come on.
And I cannot connect using
Is the router dead? If so, how do I take it apart?

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  1. Guest27807416

    Im having the same problem with my d-link dir625. It was working last night then when I got home the power light is on and all the other lights are off. When you plug in the internet cord all lights, except the power light, flash then go out for about 3 seconds then come back on...etc. I tried the modem and router resets with no success. The internet works i plugged directly into the computer. As of now, the power light remains the only one on.

  2. Guest14663026
    Thanks for the reply... Been there, done that at least 10 times. I've also held the reset button for 10 seconds to reset the router to no avail. I connected it to my desktop yesterday for another try, and the light did come on for a bit, and the router would try to make a connection and then quit about every 5 seconds, as if it was resetting itself. It did work a couple of days ago and then just quit. Could it be like some routers where the whole thing quits if the wireless card goes bad?
  3. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Unplug your modem and router. After 60 seconds plug your modem back in. When the lights return to normal (except the activity light) , plug your router back in. Give it 10 seconds and try it. If this solves your problem PLEASE rate this as fixed. If not, DO NOT RATE YET. Just add a comment letting me know what happened and I'll be happy to assist you further. Thanks.

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