Mustafa Ejaz, 6 oct 1982,born in Karachi, Pakistan, Astrology Prediction

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Astrology Predictions required, MUSTAFA EJAZ, 6 OCT 1982, KARACHI, PAKISTAN.I am confused, this guy really likes me but I am not sure about his character, He drinks, smokes heavily, had a living relationship with a prostitute for on n off till a year, his phone is filled with random numbers all the time, majority of them always are from his past relationships with the prostitutes, he smokes heavily even though he has a high blood pressure and can't seem to control on his smoking. There has been so many times I have caught him lying,I never plan to conti. getting to know this guy after I found out all these things through various sources and caught him couple of times so he did accepted and was sorry, I was never really interested in him, as ths was an arrange marriage proposal and was not really what I had in mind but I thought lets talk and see where things go, the day I found these things I observed him and again checked through 2 other sources and yes he was still into all these immoral activities, I told him I can't conti. and explained him why, he was gulity and begged me to give him another chance, along with which I told me all about his life which includes various other immoral acts which are hard to accept for me, he now wants to change etc he wants me to give him another chance um not sure, here is his details: MUSTAFA EJAZ 6 OCT 1982, BORN IN KARACHI, PAKISTAN. According to Astrology, his character traits are born to be like this forever or there is a room for change?

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