The present status of Mrs. Manilow

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I have my question regarding the ex-wife of the famous singer Barry Manilow, whose name was Susan Deixler. I want to know that as the couple got married sometime in the mid of 1960 and got separated in after some time. I want to know that apart from Barry Manilow, what happened to Susan after their breakup. Does Barry still have any connections to New York anymore?

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  1. Guest28104668

    Susan happens to be a very happy woman with beautiful grandchildren. She does not refer to herself as Mrs. Manilow and although it was rumored that she was married to him no one ever knew. When I saw that enquirer photo in 2000 or 2001, I couldn't believe it. She also works for the senior center as is highly regarded in the West Marin community.

  2. Harry

    There have been several news about Susan Deixler, who was once known as Mrs. Manilow, the wife of the big music star, Barry Manilow. Since she was not as famous as Barry was, infact he is even presently when he is about to hit his seventies. The only point of fame for Susan was Mrs. Manilow which happened to be once her name. Otherwise there was nothing special about her character or personality that would have kept her name floating in the news. The latest news about Susan, that she has now turned 55 and known to be working as a holistic healer. She drives an old Subaru and treats patients with acupressure and chiropractic methods at her modest home with peeling paint outside Point Reyes, Calif. She has two children, her daughter Pauline is 20 while her son is Danny who at present does not seem to be a very famous personality. Susan got married to someone and as a result of that second marriage she is known to be mother of two children, her daughter Pauline and her son Danny.

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