Mr. Fixit Alexander City AL

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Mr. Fixit Alexander City AL

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    The Case of Mr. Pedro Dela Cruz
    Mr. Pedro Dela Cruz was strongly recommended by the mayor Punong bayan to work at the ABC company located in the Municipality. Mr. Dela cruz a new graduate of management at the local municipality university where the mayor himself is the President his transcript of record reveal that he is an average student and, had no extra curriculum activity in school his father happens to be the supported of the mayor in his political career.
    Pedro dela Cruz, took the examination given by the company and he failed to make it due to his poor communication skills. To give in the mayor’s request, the manager gave him a position in the production department as machine operator and not a clerical position that a mayor would like him to have but mr. Delacruz did not want to accept it and insisted that he should get the job because of the mayor’s recommendation.
    1. what will you do if you are the HR manager?
    2. What reason will you give to the mayor so that he will not insulted with his recommendation?


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    Phone number is 256.234-4138
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    Address for Mr. Fixit in Alexander City is 1896 Voss Road

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