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Does anyone remember a movie from the late 90s with Melissa Joan Hart, where she is at a pool party and there are mean "popular" girls that put slippery stuff on the diving board and she ends up doing a cart wheel over the stuff? Or the Sabrina movie where she use her magic to make her shoes run faster to win a the race? That all might be in the same movie or two different ones..and I am pretty sure it's Melissa Joan Hart in both situations.

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  1. kate

    Yes, she was Melissa Joan Hart, as in 1996 she was given the title role for the TV movie Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The movie revolves around Sabrina Sawyer who is sent to live with her cranky aunts in Riverdale. Sabrina came to know on her sixteen birthdays that she is a witch. Sabrina then develops a shatter on Seth, the innocent boy in school who happens to be dating Katie La More, the school's "Queen Bee". Sabrina has to find a trick to use her newly disclose magical power to get Seth to notice her. After Katie dumps Seth, he begins to observe Sabrina. Sabrina is eligible to experience her magic in order to win a track competition and get Seth to ask her to the spring fling. Katie came to know Sabrina's secret and sets out to let everyone know what Sabrina is.
    Sabrina has to experience her magic to change Katie into a poodle to stop her. During this, Harvey likes Sabrina and waits to see if she will have a change of heart and begin to notice him. The story finish happily with Sabrina and Harvey together and with Katie, not a dog, and back with Seth.

  2. Guest8055
    Was it Drive Me Crazy?
  3. Guest5052
    She was one of the mean popular girls in Drive Me Crazy, and I know that doesn't happen in that movie.

    It might happen in Can't Hardly Wait, because she tries to get everyone in her senior class to sign her yearbook, and I think someone throws that in the pool.

    But I think it's probably a Sabrina movie.
  4. Guest5507
    Pretty sure they are the same movie (Sabrina).
  5. Guest6397
    It's called 'Drive Me Crazy' least I think that might be the one you're talking about. That's the only movie I really ever remember her being in other than anything related to Sabrina the Teenaged Witch.

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