Movie released in the year 1950 about their divorce.

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There's an old movie I recall, probably released in the 50s about a man and woman who separate because he's a gambler and wont quit. Near the end of the movie, the wife is ready for a complete divorce when she finds out that he won her in a bet a long time ago. He then explains to her that he couldnt have lost the bet for her, since the dice were loaded.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    You are talking about the movie “Cabin in the Sky”. It is an American musical film and it was released in the year 1943. The music of the movie was composed by Vernon Duke and the lyrics was written by John La Touche. The movie is based on a musical book by Lynn Root. It was released in the theatres on October 25th, 1940. There were about 156 performances in it. “Cabin in the Sky” is about a version of legend “Faust” in which a man named little Joe, who was killed over gambling debts, was given six months to redeem his soul and becomes eligible to enter the heaven otherwise his soul will be condemned to h**l.
    The movie was produced by Arthur Freed and was directed by Vincente Minelli. This movie was also nominated for the “Academy Award for best original song” and the title of the song was “Happiness is a thing called Joe”, this song was sung by Ethel Waters. “Cabin in the Sky” is very well known for its intelligent and witty script.

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