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The movie I saw was a black and white movie. A woman keeps a kindly old man up in a tree because HE is DEATH and she does not want Him to take her husband, but no one else can die, many other people are suffering! This was NOT a horror movie but a tear jerker!!
Thank you in advance.

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    On borrowed time!!


  2. John




    that does not ring any bells for me. Are you sure it was a movie? That sounds like the plots on Twilight Zone. Twilight Zone was in black and white, and most of them were more like that plot than horror. At one time they went to 1 hour shows.

    Back in the 30s and early 40s, there were a lot of deep movies like that. Some of the best movie plots ever, even though to see them now, most people think of them as camp. Too bad, there was some really good work done then.

    Sorry I could not know this for you. I hate looking in vain for a movie title. There is one I saw when I was about 10, and it was an old movie then, I think. I have searched and searched for years, with all the names of actors that could have played this main character, no luck.

    If you can think of any actors that were, or you think they looked like an actor, that were in it, I can tell you where to search by actor and actress names.


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