Need info on a movie I saw on TV in the 70s or 80s

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Brad, I hope you can help me with this one. I remember watching a movie on the television when I was young about a little girl and a sea turtle. She grows up and the turtle gets huge but they communicate with each other somehow? I mentioned it to my Husband and he looked like I had lost my mind. Have you heard of this movie or was it a TV show in the 70s?

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  1. John

    I believe that in at least some of the Japanese movies featuring Gamera the flying turtle, there were children who had psychic links with the creature. And all stories revolve around such unique relationship, especially in Hollywood movies. I have seen a lot of movies where such type of unique relationship can be seen easily. I am not familiar with them personally, but was able to find descriptions on the Internet Movie Database. For example

    Go to the IMDb at and use the Word Search box set to Plots to search for Gamera and you may find the one you remember. Visit this link and you will find out some interesting things as well.

    Brad Lang

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    I hope I have answered all of you questions, but if you have more questions, then do ask. Visit these links and let me know. I think you can get the relevant information here.

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