Noise from the mouse from the speakers during movement.

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Every time i move my mouse i get background interference noise from the sound card, i recently changed from a standard serial mouse to an optical PS2 mouse and the noise got even worse. Any ideas?

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  1. ZZ

     Well in my opinion if the system is giving noise then it is a systematic error either your mother board is malfunctioning or any hardware port. 

    If you are using USB mouse then  I would suggest try to change the port, if the problem persist then contact any service vendor in your area to let fix or replace your mother board.

  2. Tom Reeds

    There can be multiple reasons for the problem you are facing. Your mouse can be faulty, but you have already changed the mouse so it means that there is another problem and most probably the problem is with your software. It can be with your application software or it can be with your system software. But most likely the problem is with your sound card and the audio card software.
    Now it seems that the software is not offering compliance with your mouse hardware. Which means that either you have to change your sound card , your sound card might not be of good quality and you have to change it, but first you have to detect the problem which you are facing. There are many hardware technicians which offer testing services for the sound card, you can get it checked from them or you can also try using a different sound card with the system and then check your mouse, most probably the mouse with new hardware and sound card will not make any type of noise. Second thing you can do is that you can change the drivers of the sound card , there is sometimes need of the updation for the sound card drivers and by installing the latest drivers or drivers which meet the specific requirement can result in better sound quality and can solve your problem.

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