Mother wash son p***s and f******n retracts and can not put it back

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My son is 10 years old and he broke his arm two weeks ago. Since then I’m helping him in bath. When I wash his genitals he gets erection and one occasion his f******n completely retracted and I couldn’t put it back for very long time until it became flaccid. He says it was hurting. I’m a single Mom, please advice.


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  1. Guest20670555
    that is because you gave him an erection
  2. Guest20302306
    Anita, DO NOT try to put your son's f******n back while he is erect, as this may cause the skin to tear and cause your son real problems. This could be why he was having pain. When he gets erect, it is best to let it be. When he becomes flaccid again, and eventually he will, the f******n will return over the glans on it's own. I understand that his erection may cause him some discomfort, but that is to be expected. The only way to relieve the discomfort is by o****m, but he probably is not capable of ejaculating yet. Boys that have not gone through puberty yet, as I would imagine he has not, have dry orgasms, where either nothing comes out of the p***s, or just some very minimal clear fluid. Since you need to continue to wash him, try to be very gentle when washing his genitals, especially his p***s. Unfortunately, he is at an age where his genitals are very sensitive to any touch, and he will get erect very easily, as you have learned. Be sure to continue washing the glans of his p***s and under his f******n to prevent infection. When washing his p***s, try talking to him about things that will take his mind off of the fact that you are touching his genitals. Perhaps you could talk to him about school, his day, baseball, his friends, your day, etc. Hope this helps you. Best regards.

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