Mother, up to what age did you take boys in the girls/women changing room?

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I would like to have input from other mother on what age did you take boys into the girl/women changing room and what you experience with this. Did you as your son if he feel OK with this or was he force to do it. How did girls respond to having boys in the changing room. Do you think it was a learning experiences for boys and girl?

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     Mothers up to what age did you take boys into the girls/women changing room? 

    It was be base on where it is at and who would be around. 

    Rule of tumb is you ask your son or other boys if they they feel fine with going into the girls/women changing room? 

    You can not forece your son or other boys to go into the girls/women changing room? 

    There are places which I would never take a boy into a female changing room. 

    Some places have cut off of age 5 for boys to enter female changing room. 

    Some places have cut off age 10 for boys to enter female changing room. 

    Some places have the age of turning 13 being the cut off age of boys being in female changing room. 

    Places which were just women changing room I stop it at the age of 6 for the safety of the boy. You have to be careful with naked boys around adults females. 

    When they had girls changing room which was just for girls and their mother that I had taking boys up to 12 years old. 

    Some pools have unisex children changing room and I have taking boys turning 14. At the age of 14 that they go to adults room. 

    Most times have taked boys into the female changing room is where the boys know the other girls and women and they feel relax with it. 

    In a place where they do not know those there that I would not do it over the age of 5. 








  2. Guest28359984

    I know that taking a child of the other s*x into a girls or women chnging room need to be take with insight. There are changing room at places which I would never take a boy into a female changing room. Than you have other place where you know the group of women and girls and you know it safe to take a boy in. 

    Some pool cut off is 5 years old. Others are 7, or 8, or 9. It has a lot to do with the place. The maangement, parenst, and kids. I had never had an issues of moms bring in boys into the changing room. This dram that some of these women claim boy are sexually and they thinking about the female. It not the boys you need to be concern. It these pervert women who are getting arosual with the boys being in the changing room. So what they do is they prject what they are on the male children in the changing room to protect who they real are. 

    When moms do bring in their sons should be a blessing for girls who do not have brothers and they take this time with respected and honor just to look and take notices of things for their learning. They see boys at differ develop level of their bodies. I know over the years they have put urinal in the girls changing room for girls to use and moms who bring in their sons. 

    I notices how girls and women will scar at the boys body and mostly his genitals. This is normal as long as everyone else behave. No remarks, no giggle, Girls take notice of the boys genitals changing in size and shape is normal. No one need to in-apply any thing. When boys have erection it their body doing it not their mind. The other things is boys are not looking at you other female. It you who doing the looking. Yes women and girls get arosual when they see a naked male and that include a boy. 

    I have been in the locker room with my daughters and they have learn a lot from the boys they seen in there. I been in the changing room when a den mother from cub sxout had a group of boys who were 8 to 10 years old. 

    I been in there when moms had boys as old as 10 to 12 years old. Yes it is very puzzle or curious for the girls in what they see and how it works. Than those boys who have no sisters gives them a chance to see what girls look like. 







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