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Elvis was a very famous singer, there are many books written on Presley, I want to know about name of books which were written on Elvis Presley. Can anyone tell me about this?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Elvis Presley is perhaps the most famous and influential singer of the 20th century, many author wrote many books on him and his musical career, some of books written on him were as follows,
    1)A book by Dave Marsh on Elvis lifestyle and the title of the book was “Elvis”. This was a complete and comprehensive book written on the famous singer. The significance of singer Elvis among people and other communities and how he became popular was also described in the book.
    There was a book with the topic “Last Train to Memphis” which was written by Peter Guralnick. Author James Dickerson and Scotty Moore wrote book named “That’s alright , Elvis”, it consists information about his distinctive music style. “Elvis Day by Day” was written by author Peter Guralnick, This book consists about the life of Elvis and the events that occurred in his life. In order to pay tribute to the great singer Elvis, a book named “Elvis: A radio history from 1945 to 1955 was written by the author Aaron Webster.
    Life and singing of Elvis is best explained in the book named “Elvis,Elvis,Elvis, The King of Movies” by the author Peter Guttmacher. Elvis was especially popular among the girls and his life with girls was explained in the book “The Girls, Guide to Elvis” by Kim Adelman. Books written on the death of Elvis Presley is “The Death of Elvis” by James P.Cole.

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