Moshi Monsters or Club Penguin?

by elzisaac827  |  10 years ago

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Moshi Monsters or Club Penguin?

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  1. Guest27916279

    to make this simple, I HATE CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!! moshi monsters is so much better why can't the world just understand that!?!?!?!?! I hate everything about club pathetic (that's what I'm calling it now) it's just so stupid I mean non members are naked which is innapropreit and club pathetic is disny's vesion of a dating/bullying site and the names on magnificent monsters (that's what I'm calling it now) are more creative:katsuma, 1st officer ooze, poppet's closet, sluge street,  cheese chair, and rox, not penguin, red puffle, clothes shop, town, chair, and coins! ( what the fire truck!?!?) but you probobly woudn't understand if I screamed it in your ear, MOSHI MONSTERS IS BETTER! MOSHI MONSTERS IS BETTER! MOSHI MONSTERS IS BETTER!!!!!PERIOD!!! END OF DISCOSHION!!!!!!!

  2. Guest24775109

    Clubpenguin is better although I hate how clothes aren't unavailable to non members and then when memberships expire clothes don't get avaiable until you repurchase a membership. But I did find a website to get free memberships by doing surveys:

    Where you earn points and get memberships! It's easy!

  3. Guest24210720

     moshi monsters sucks so shut ur stupid mouths you pooheads moshi pooheads fans moshi monsters sucks club penguin and bin weevils is the best anyone who hates bin weevils and club penguin and loves moshi monsters get a life and fall of a cliff and on moshi monsters theres nothing to do but take care of a stupid monster all day and u cant even speak and everyone on moshi stupid f*cking monsters everyone is mean and stupid and the creaters of moshi monsters are full of s**+* and the monsters on moshi monsters and the pepole on moshi monsters are b*tches i dont care if im swearing because i hate moshi monsters and its name and graphix suck if you love club penguin and bin weevils and hate moshi monsters then copy and paste this onto everything called club penguin vs moshi monsters or moshi monsters vs bin weevils or moshi monsters vs bin weevils vs club penguin to stop these f*cking g*y moshi monsters lovers

  4. Guest23253433


    If you have noticed, Club Penguin is getting more and more boring as the day goes on.

    I have just stopped playing Moshi Monsters about a week ago. I hate virtual worlds. They suck.

    I stopped playing Club Penguin about a year ago now because the EPF used to be hush-hush to people who had the video game and Disney spoilt that. Now the EPF is for everyone. AND they destroyed the HQ I grew up with. I'm glad to say that after 7 years of playing Club Penguin I've recognized the evil spirit within it.

    Moshi Monsters is more for younger players, but who knows, there are lots of fakers online. I am not siding with Moshi Monsters because I hate virtual worlds. They are a waste of kids' time online.

  5. Guest23251291

    Club penguin RULES .

    Moshi monsters is for bayybees. WAAAAAA

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