Mormons why do you think you're Christian when you are not?

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You don't believe in h**l, only 3 levels of heaven. You think everybody gets a taste of salvation when the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus. I went to a mormon church once and the minister said God was once a mortal and was granted godhood from a council of gods in the sky when the Bible clearly states that He is the only true God. There are just too many to list. Please mormons only comment, no christians, catholics, atheists etc. I want to hear the LDS side of this.

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  1. Guest17323492
    Oh yeah and by the way, for the car example, it would be like saying a Honda was Hyundai. Not like a Volkswagen person telling you to buy a ford.
  2. Guest17323357
    #1 guy, are you mormon or not? if you aren't read the question. It says mormons only please answer
  3. Guest17311552
    Sounds like you are an expert. I was going to buy a ford but the VW dealer said it was a bad idea.

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