More Models of Conveyor Belt Will Make Industry Efficiency

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Belt conveyor is widely used in mine, macadam court, metallurgy, construction, chemical, ore industry. Belt conveyor is applicable to convey the materiel which bulk density is no more than 1.67T/m3 and is easy to get out, like core, sand, cement, fertilizer, food stuffs and so on. The conveyed materiel's temperature should be no more than 60 degrees. Conveyor belt length and installation style can be determined by customer requirement. The dive device of conveyor belt can use electrical roller and also can use the drive set which has driver.

Conveyor belt can undertake level and tilt conveying, also can constitute space transmission lines. The lines of transmission are usually fixed. Conveyor belt has large caring ability, long caring distance, still also can completed some process operation at the same time of transmission, so it is widely used now.

Hongxing Machinery is a famous conveyor belt manufacturer and exporter in China which was established for many years. Our conveyor belt has the following characteristics:

1. Direction variable, transport direction can be flexible change, the biggest can reach 180 degrees

2. Conveyor, each unit consists of 8 rollers; each unit can be used independently

3. Conveyor retractile, a unit of the longest compared with the shortest state can reach 3 times.

Belt Conveyor is the materiel transporting machine which transports the materiel in a certain line. Conveyor belt also can be named continuous conveyor. The belt conveyor can carry horizontal, oblique and vertical transporting and also can be composed into a space conveying line. This conveying line generally is fixed. The belt conveyor's conveying ability is big and conveying distance is long. Conveyor belt also can complete several technological operations in the conveying process, so it is widely used in all kinds of industry.

The conveyor mainly has the following type: belt conveyor, plate conveyor, scraper conveyor, bucket conveyor, overhead chain conveyor, etc.

Conveyor belt is a kind of machine widely used in mining, building materials, road, railway, etc. It is also called continuous conveyor. Conveyor belt with a long history, it can date back to the water overturned in ancient Chinese is the prototypes of modern bucket elevator and scraper conveyor.

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