Monologues from plays for girls ages 16-20.

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We have exhausted all of our resoures for monologues from contemporary plays for girls ages 17-20, for a college audition .Can someone help us in this? We would be really grateful for this favor.

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    the best place to find monologues is simply to read plays. That's where they are located and by reading the plays you can actually find out if the character and the monologue are appropriate for you.

    If you haven't got time to do that or need some monologues fast, head to your local library or bookshop. There are tons of monologue books on their shelves that have monologue for actors of all ages.

    One caution, though. If you are getting your monologue from a monologue book, be sure to find out what play it is from and who speaks the monologue. Then read the WHOLE play. Many people have made the mistake of performing an audition monologue without reading the play and have been caught in a totally wrong interpretation or choosing a monologue from a character who is entirely wrong for them. Reading the play will allow you to make sure that you understand both the character and the monologue and that it is right for you.

    You can also Google \"audition monologues\" and get lots of websites with free monologues for actors to use for auditions. The same caution goes, with one exception. Sometimes you will find on these websites freestanding monologues that are NOT from any play - they were simply written by a playwright to be a character monologue. Sometimes these can be quite good, but be careful using them for auditions. Some directors insist that an audition monologue be from a published play. So research the origin of the monologue and what your director's preferences are before you choose one of those. Good luck in your search,

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