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I have a very important regarding the American Pop Rock group of the 1960s, The Monkees. Do you know if the Monkees Present LP was manufactured and released in Australia? It is the only one of the original series of LPs that I do not have as well as the changes, so am I wasting my time trying to find it? I would appreciate some help from your part.

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  1. Harry

     When we talk about a famous musical group, a singer, a band such as the Monkees, there is often some confusion in the release of certain albums. Most of the available resources that are likely to provide some information about the American Pop Rock group, the Monkees, for some reasons do not happen to be too much knowledgeable about international releases. However, this can only be assumed that the contract that Columbia had with the record companies releasing the first run LPs (that is, the non greatest hits collections) would probably state that original LPs had to be released. This is for sure that record companies also enter into contracts with "right of first refusal" clauses, and it is very possible that this may have occurred in Australia since Instant Replay and Head did not sell well. Keeping all the aspects and circumstances, the bottom line answer is, that no one probably knows or would know specifically whether these albums were released in Australia but somehow it is thought that it would be that they probably were because of the former restriction that is being mentioned above.

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