Balancing pivoted beam.

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Why is it that if you put 2 different masses on a pivotted beam (balance beam), equidistant from the pivot, the beam does not always tip right down but stops midway?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Here we have to understand the concept of pivotted beam and the balancing theory, like we have to place the weight according to angle we want from it. Like if we put weight at a propotional rate at the both end then the beam will get balanced, now the there is also a concept of torque applied which states that there is a gravitational force which is pulling the object down to earth. This gravitational force is termed as the weight of a body. Now in the case of beam it has only one point where it is attached to the torsion bar which is supported with the block on which it is standing.
    The weight we are putting on both sides of the bar shows us that we can adjust the bar according to the position of the weights and also with the balancing of bar. It does not matter what we place on its both sides but when the forces of gravity pulls the objects to ground , that will be the factor and point where we have to decide or it is the deciding point where we can say that the bar is now balanced.
    The heavier mass pulls the bar on to one side while the lighter mass on the other handside results in the movement which is disturbed.

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