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I’m an advanced diploma student and I want to take a Part-time Diploma course in Singapore. I want to know some details about mode of study in SIC Singapore

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    The SIC Singapore programmes are structured to accommodate the varying needs of students. There are two types of programmes that students may choose from: 1. Full-time programmes 2. Part-time programmes All SIC’s programmes have been designed not only for the purpose of directing the students towards “examination success” but also with the aim of exposing students to current and relevant business practices that are essential “tools” for tomorrow’s successful managers. As part of the support services provided to the students, the part-time classes are video-recorded and made available to the working student who may inevitably miss classes. The tapes may also be loaned to students who wish to revise or clarify new and unfamiliar topics covered during the lessons. Students may view the tapes at the library or borrow them for viewing at their convenience at home. An academic year typically consists of 4 terms and an intensive revision term depending on when a student enrolls for the programme. Please see our academic calendar and a time-table on website.

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