What is Misdemeanor Expungement?

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Last year I got into a fight with a girl. She took me to court, I pled not guilty. The judge had me do 50 hours of community service and told me if i complete it and get in no trouble for the following 1 year and come back that he will dismiss the charge so it wouldnt mess up my record.. So i did all that and went back to court and everything was good... I asked him if it will be on my record, he said there is a process called expungement that I can do.. I live in Virginia and have No priors. Does anyone know about this? Can I fill the paperwork out myself and do it myself? Does it cost? Ive tried to fond the paperwork but its confusing.. any help??

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  1. Guest2473
    The inside scoop on expunged and background checks: While if you have a record expunged means you can legally check no to a questionnaire for job/ employment etc when ask about committing a crime, it does not mean it will not come up

    The dirty little secret: companies that collect public date to sell to employers/landlords who run background checks have no legal duty to remove an expunged record from you file, the employer may not be able to see all the juicy details on the incident but the arrest/conviction with the date, state and county where in incident happen will show up

  2. Guest1018
    You have to get a lawyer.

    But just know that expunge does not mean erase. It will still be there if the police run it, but if you look for employment where they do a background check they can't see it.

    hope this helped.

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