In which movie Groucho & Harpo dressed alike

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Which film is it in which Groucho and Harpo, dressed alike, encounter each other in a doorway which appears to be a mirror? They hilariously mimic each others gestures, each of them supposedly trying to determine if the other is a mirror image.

My 10-year-old daughter has become a fan of the Marx Brothers and is dressing as Groucho for Halloween. I would love to show her this scene if it is available on DVD.

By the way, is it correct that Chico is pronounced CHICK-oh rather than CHEEK-oh? I always pronounced it in the latter fashion, but I have heard he was given the nickname because he was always chasing after CHICKS.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. John


    This wonderfully written and executed scene can be found in Duck Soup the political satire that was a dead duck in the days it was released in 1933 and now considered one of the 100 greatest films of all time. Movie was released by Paramount pictures.

    It was a great comedy film and still people use to watch this movie, although it was not good at box office. But movie itself was a master piece. The movie was the last Marx Brothers film to feature Zeppo
    Chico is pronounced Chick-o.

    In fact, it was originally spelled Chicko but a typesetter left the k out of a program and Chico liked it. Most people do pronounce the name as cheek-o. Share more questions with me, if you have any.



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