Cruise-Spielberg combination in Minority Report

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Minority Report is going to be shown in my country, Singapore this coming weekend. Based on the reviews, this is a great movie. And I have read that the Cruise-Spielberg combination is just perfect! What do you think?

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  1. John

    Hey Jess!

    Oh, you are so lucky! I have to wait until October before Minority Report hits theatres where I live! :-)

    I try not to read too many spoilers, but I have heard from US fans that the movie is super! As the matter of fact, I have not read a single negative review so far. And usually there are at least a couple of bad reviews. I have read the synopsis and come to know that film is based on a very interesting topic, where criminals are caught before committing a crime. Seems to be a very interesting topic to me, and I am d**n sure I am not going to miss the chance to visit my nearest cinema. I have read several comments about the movie and surprised to know that movie has been globally acknowledged.
    Seriously, Tom Spielberg chemistry is working and I am sure they will rock the world again and again with their unique projects. I cannot forget his unique work in his last venture, the one and only War of the Worlds.

    So I also really look forward to see this movie. Spielberg is a great director, and I would love to see how he \"handled\" Tom!

    Enjoy the movie! :-)

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