Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer release date?

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Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer release date? pls let me know the date so i can make my plan accordingly.

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  4. Guest23278973

    August 24 2011.


  5. Guest23252589

    According to the US Copyright Office the book Midnight Sun was completed and is scheduled to be released August 2011.  Oh yeah!  The countdown has begun!

  6. Guest23237780  This is not the illegal one, it is off her website. She states this is ok lol . So don't panic. Don't believe me? Go to her site and look around, it says it right there plain as day.......
  7. Guest22920224

    there is a rumot that it will be relised this year 2011  becoz of somthin stephanie said at  a press confence or book relise that insiuated she had finished it  but it is just a rumor shephanie has  not set out a solid date or even said point blank if she has finished it   so this is posibly just someone taking what she said out of context  but i am hoping that there is somthing to the rumors

  8. Guest22673346

    I hope that midnight sun is released as soon as is humanely possible as my friends and I cannot wait. However I do understand that because of the leak it must be difficult to even want to write it now. I think that some people are being a little selfish because even if stephanie meyer is still writing it, people don't understand all the effort that goes into just drafting out the story. I do understand everyones impatience because I want it to be released very soon because-as you may have guessed-I LOVE TWILIGHT! :)

  9. Guest22587190

     it may not be out for a while but i have been waiting impatiently as well.

  10. Guest22551351

    well i love the twilight saga and so ....................................... TEAM ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  11. Guest22521296

    august 2011

  12. Guest22484510

    I think that the waiting for the book is terrible, but I do understand the reasoning behind it. I have been waiting for this book and can't wait to finally have it in my hands. I didn't think I would even like the series and now I am on the edge of my seat waiting for this book, the movies are great and I buy them as soon as they go on the market and I'm not a let me go to the movies and watch something these movies I do. Keep up the great work and I hope to see Midnight Sun soon. Can't wait for breaking dawn movie.  A coupled questiion is Edwards story going to be more than one book and are they going to be movies included for his story?Thank you!

  13. Guest22401054

    It has been realesed by the Copyright Offices that Midnight Sun WILL be realesed in late 2011.

  14. Guest21875082

     they said that it will be out on the month of may but i'm not pretty sure about it.. but i hope i is true

  15. Guest21737048

    So Stephenie is going to released it right?? im obsessed with the saga, and cant wait!!! does anyone know for when its going to be released?? plz let me know

  16. Guest21676358

    ok its november 2010 when is it coming out... i have waited since 2008.


  17. Guest21586980

    I read the first half of the book and it is awesome, I think that she should write Edwards point of view on all the books.

  18. Guest20839322
    Even though I am dying to read "Midnight Sun" and can't wait until the release date, I understand why it is taking her so long to finish it. She couldnt have imagined how many fans the series would have had. between making all the movies in the twilight saga and now the upcoming "Host" movie, Stephanie Meyer is a busy woman and can only do so much stuff at a time. Yea she could finish "Midnight Sun" but if she rushes through the book it wont be as good as if she does it on her own time. If we keep rushing her to finish and release this book, We will more than likely miss out on a GREAT book. Stephanie take your time and make it as great as all the rest of your twilight saga books. I heard tha you were done with Edward and Bella. Does that mean that you are going to start writing from Jacob and Renesme's point of view and their life together? If it hadnt crossed your mind to do that, which I am sure it has that would be great because i read the books i have over and over and 99.9% of your twilight fans are not ready for the saga to end. It would break our hearts if it ended after breaking dawn. You have topped harry potter and look how many books they have. they prob. didnt have this many fans by the time the fourth book came out but you do and they still wrote more books. PLEASE DONT BE DONE WITH THE TWILIGHT SAGA AFTER BREAKING DAWN. WRITE FROM JACOB AND RENESME'S LIFE TOGETHER AND ALSO PLEASE THROW THE REST OFF THE CULLENS IN THERE TO. ESPECIALLY DREAMY EWARD. :) :) :)
  19. Guest20693990
    stephenie,even though i love you books and you ,i hate in way. im totally obbsed with them and edward cullen is doing my head in.i know he is not real.but i love him? and it's all faulit!
  20. Guest20652729
    For God's sake Stephenie if u r reading this release Midnight Sun before it drives me crazy............Although i do understand ur distress for the leak thing n its seriously infuriating.... but will u disappoint all ur fans just because of one idiot.......plz dont do this!!!!! i am in real earnest requesting of u to release ur book..........n yes last thing u r one real imaginative n creative genius...........thanx Shrutika (India)
  21. Guest20613771
    Ugh if midnight sun were going to be released anytime this year we would probably be hearing news about it by now. this is so agrivating... i knew about this book before it was leaked and was looking forward to it back then!! after it was leaked she said 2 years until she starts again and i was like "2 YEARS!!!" and i was secretly hoping that she would release it sooner. Now that its been 2 years i still havent heard anything and i have kinda given up. i dont think it will come out AT LEAST until all the movies are released and she gets bored and decides to give us what we all so desperatly WANT.
  22. Guest20506622
    I THink she has a good reason to not finish or even release midnight sun for real i stand by her in this hole thing i would love to read midnight sun but i rather wait an see if she will release it i have not even read it on her site i think its best if i just wait
  23. Guest20483927
    uuuurrrgghhhhh pleaseeeeeeeeeee stephenie!!!!!!!!!!! i m dying to read midnight sun...i have already read the twilight saga like a million times...i know all the dialogues....plzzzzzzzzzzz dont do this to ur fans........plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzz finish it for our sake....we didnt do anything to deserve this.... plzzzzzzzz finish it....m begging u
  24. Guest20227272
    Please release it, it will be awesome to see everthing in Edward's point of view also i believe that she should release all the books in Edward's poing of view it would be awesome truly awesome so pleassssssseeeeeeeeeee
  25. Guest20093952
    guy's relax we all know she's going to finish the book. she's not stupid, the whole world loves edward cullen and now that we all have seen the movie and read the book we automatically think of robert pattinson when we read about edward. She will make the book to make money DUH because of the whole twilight saga shes making a fortune, so of course she'll finish Midnight Sun when all we really want to know is about edward cullen, what he thinks,feels and his view of how he felt about bella. So relax she's going to finish its stupid if she doesnt because she'll make more money lol
  26. Guest20062058
    Please release Midnight Sun, The Twilight series books have been the only books to ever grab my attention and keep it, please, please please keep it up keep writing these books :)
  27. Guest20009557
    stephanie meyer please finish your book is amazing and I would read "Midnight Sun" will give us a better understanding of what Edward and Bella felt while enjoying his love, so please finish it, I am a big fan of his books since twilight came I said wow that most genial book, and when I heard about this magnificent project, and what had happened to the filtacion of the first 12 chapters, I assure you I give my full support and want to read but are not that it is something that completely violates your copyright, but I would also like to understand that their fans do not have to blame for what happened, I'm a big fan of the series and would like to see the midnight sun near dusk, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn and the second short life TANNER BREE. I hope to finish the book that the consepto I think of the most successful and interesting
  28. Guest19853974
    Stephenie, If you are reading this please release your book Midnight Sun. I am a true Team Edward and it would be awesome to see what he and the other Cullens are thinking. I know a person intruded in your personal story and added it illegally on the internet. You are smart to take a break from it if you thought that James would win and the Cullens would die, but we all have faith in you. We will wait as long as we can in paitence and faith. I am a 13 year old and I've fallen head over heals for the books but I won't be a bother about it. I won't bug you about finishing it or keep posting like this. I can almost garuantee this will be my last post. Please hear me out.
  29. Guest19802577
    I wish it would come out soom, but on her website after it was leaked she said that she didn't want to start wrighting it again for 2 years and that was August 2008. I read that the new moon book, will be full Moon and is from Jacob's View.
  30. Guest19712502
    MIDNIGHT SUN is going to be finished by this year or next year..............................i think
  31. Guest19704078
    i love love love the series. but i think the reason why she didnt finish the book is because it was to hard, edward is a much harder person to think for. its alot of work to get into his mind. and this leek was just an excuse to get out of writing it. i wish it would get finished but i think we will never get to read the whole story. i also want to say that this is not ment to be rude but i think its the truth
  32. Guest19609584
    I heard that Midnight Sun would approximantly be COMPLETED on August 24,2010 (8-24-10). And then be approximantly RELEASED on August 24,2011 (8-24-11). I don't know if these are true, but I really hope they are. I read the first twelve chapters and can't wait to read the rest!! :):)
  33. Guest19487180
    yes i also hope she will finish midnight sun!!!!!!!!!
  34. Guest19475307
    My son wanted to see Twilight he said it was about vampires so I made him watch it in another room so I couldn't see it. I walked by his room and saw some of it and realized that it wasn't scary so then I watched it and fell in love. After seeing it I got all of the books and read them all. I have always hated reading but I couldn't put the Twilight books down until I had them read. I heard about Midnight Sun and read what had been wrote. Please finish writing it. I know that there are true fans who want to read more. I also think there should be more books about the Cullens and Jacob.
  35. Guest19334705
    continued from my last post, "i couldnt help myself" There is so much hype about midnight sun, but not much about Forever Dawn. Im 30 and have no business being so crazed over these books but i am. so i read them all around 20+ times (i know excessive isnt it). and i think the one thing that was missing was the intimacy you read about in romance novels. it seemed so PG13 and i was hoping it was much more geared towards an older audience. then i found out about FOREVER DAWN. That book was completed and Steph gave it to her sister as a gift. As far as ive heard, her sister is the only person other than Steph who read the book. It was written as an adult novel before her publisher recommended milding it down to suit a younger audience. That is the book i am DYING to read. It is a culmination of the last 3 books in one and it was completed a long time ago (Rosalie was referred to as Carol in this book). This is the book I hope will be edited and published as it is so close to the final product. Help me spread the word so it gets back to her and she releases it. find out more on her website under "The Story" behind New Moon.
  36. Guest19334392
    So I couldnt help myself, I only started reading the books AFTER Twilight movie came out and I havent been able to stop thinking about it. So when I found out about Midnight Sun, I couldnt help myself. I read the partial draft on her website and was crushed. While I knew it was incomplete, i had hoped and prayed it at least made it to the MEADOW SCENE!!!! what a horrible place to stop. While I am so desperate to read something that is not even in existence, I really hope, at least, she will finish the meadow scene and release it. I just really want to hear his thoughts at that time, sooooo badly.
  37. Guest19272374
    Stephanie, I am a more recent fan your your Twilight Series. I was introduced to this magnificent world of Edward and Bella. I instantly fell in love with the books. I can relate to some feelings that Bella has as well as Edward. These books have opened up my creative side of my brain and I feel an urge to write for fun. I have read one chapter of what is allowed on your fan website and I have to say it is very intriguing to read from Edwards side of things and I truly hate to see it stop. I don't want to read further because I am praying that you will find the courage to continue on though you have been grossly intruded on. Someone took your heart and soul and tore it apart. They took what was on your mind that was incomplete and made it public. It is an evasion of privacy without a doubt. More so fans are so hurt by this person's actions. Please do not give in. I can not imagine the pain you felt and the struggles you face now. I am truly a devoted fan and i will read these series over and over again. It has ignited something in me and has brought many revelations into my own life. Sincerely a devoted reader and fan, Rosie
  38. Guest19260526
    I dont really know the answer i have heard a few rumors that i dont think are true but if Stephenie happens to come across this website: "Stephenie, I completley fell in love with your books. I used to not like reading and one day i heard about your twilight series and I started reading them and by the time i was done with the series I couldn't get enought of Edward and Bella. I read the books over and over again and every time I learned something more! I would like to say that i didnt read the partial draft of your book Midnight Sun which i heard was mesmerizing and i dont know how much longer i can hold off. In my opinion In some ways i think that the illegal post of midnight sun on the internet is a good thing and my reason for this is if you were looking for more fans then they would read this and be astonished by Edwards perspective and they would be thirsting for more and then they would want to go and buy the book!!" "Stephenie think of your millions of devoted fans that have be truly devoted to you and supported you through thick and thin- like me - they would be devastated if you didnt have this book published and on the shelves of book stores all over the world. Me for instance would be one of those people who would be devastated not to see it on shelves. If for some reason you did'nt finish the book i would see why i wouldnt know how it feels to have a book posted illegally because i've never written one. Please take this into consideration and finish the book please!!!"
  39. Guest19221617
    PLEASE release it!!!!!! i cant explain in words how badly I want to read it! i have not even read the so called "leaked coppy" because i dont want to ruin the suurprise =( but its getting harder and harder to resist!!
  40. Guest19169467
    I don't know if she'll finish it, but this is a messsage for her if she happens to visit this website. Stephanie Meyer, if you happen to read this, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease release the book!!! We're dying here!!! Midnight Sun is the opportunity for us to be able to get into edward's head!!! We loooooooove Edward!!! Please, please, please.... Finish it!!!! Pleaseeeeee!!!
  41. Guest18985520
    Copyright files say 08.24.2010
  42. Guest18949842
    UGH! I JUST CAN"T WAIT ANY LONGER!! I'm tired of the rumors. I read like three chapters of Midnight Sun on Steph's website and it was AMAZING! If Stephenie Meyer is happening to read this, PLEASE!! I'M BEGGING YOU!! Finnish it and get it published!! PLEASE!! We've all been deprived from the continuing of your wonderful world of Twilight and have been waiting SO LONg! Thank you.
  43. Guest18926111
    I really wish she would finish Midnight Sun ! I did read the 12 chapters that were leaked onto the Internet and actually I regret it because I had to stop reading before the book was finished and I HATE doing that ! Its so interesting to read from Edward's point of view and I think it makes Twilight better because you can really understand both of them, Bella and Edward. I REALLY hope she finishes it. :(
  44. Guest18926111
    I really hope she finishes it ! I love reading it from Edwards point of view. I wonder if Stephenie Myer reads these comments ? Midnight Sun is amazing I just hope that it actually gets finished ! :(
  45. Guest18399219
    oh my god! SHE HAS TO FINISH!! I dont think I can live if she doesnt fnish this book, i only read 2 chapters but then I stoped and decidedit would mean more and be better if I waited for the book. Im really sad it all got leaked online ad I really hope she starts writing again. and whats all this about hoping she might let someone finish writing it and publishing it???? whaaat!! NOOO! it wouldnt be the same :( shes the best :)
  46. Guest18013189
    what did we do to suffer this mush of pain for someone leaking the stuff on the internet ... whome honestly i cant be very angry at not after reading the 12 chapters she had wrote ,, it was the best exciting thrilling thing i have ever seen ,, how can be angry at someone was partialy atleast the couse of such happiness ?? however i know the feeling when someone peek to my unfished painting ... its very hard unpleasen feeling it completly destroy the creativity and the prespactive u had about the work .... so am torn between this feelings .... ah she wrote it so good it was even better than the fantasies i had of Edward feeling and reaction that were not stated clear in twilight and be left for imagenation ... ah God help us suffer in silent enough for her to think that we are pass the whole leaking story and the chapters we have read ,,, which is not very likly unless she waited loke 40 years and alzeimer took its bath to all our minds~~~~~
  47. Guest17767674
    i heard may 15,2010. but i really wish she'd finished it sooner seriously what did we do we are merely fans.
  48. Guest17692024
    there is no date yet she still hasent started writing it again and when she starts writing she wont post it on stephanie because she wants everyine to forget about it so they wont hack in her computer again and post it on the internet like they had before so we all have to be patient and wait till she tells us she has finshied the book and when the release date is
  49. Guest17596303
    I'm scared she's never going to write it. She has said before that she wants to get it published "eventually," but you really can't force yourself to write something you don't have any interest in writing. I think if Stephenie wanted to do it, it'd already be finished. :( I love, love, love the draft I've already read, and if she doesn't finish it I might seriously cry. If she decides she doesn't want to get it published, I hope she gives someone else permission to do so; let them take it over and finish what she started.
  50. Guest17096801
    I really hope that she does release it. In 08 she said she wanted to release it in a couple of years a.k.a 2 years!! But apparently its meant to be released in August 2011!!! I dunno, but I hope she does release it anyway!! I absolutely loved it on her site.
  51. Guest16843355
    I really want Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun. Even if it takes 5 years. I will wait patiently and anxiously for it's arrival. It's up to her to release the book and if she doesn't want to I guess we really cant stop her. I just hope that she will read some of these posts and hopefully continue on Midnight Sun. Stephenie inspired me to become a writer, even though im no where as good as her it still makes me greatfull that she had probably the most wonderful dream in the world and then decided to turn it into the greatest series in the world. If she didn't I don't no what i would have done. It really helped me through tough times with my family. I read when I was mad or sad and it really calmed me down.
  52. Guest16545486
    june 15th 2010. i have read the rough draft the she has allowed ot read on her site and ,, there are no words to describe how great it is. if it wasnt printed it would be like ripping something beautiful and priceless apart. i really hope she publishes it.
  53. Guest16428558
    24th of august 2010
  54. Guest16415318
    If you notice on, Stephenie Meyer preregistered Midnight Sun in August 2008, when she announced that the writing of the book is on hold indefinitely. Basically, that only means that she preregistered the book so that no one can claim copyright. She's only staking her claim as author, not announcing that Midnight Sun will be released by August 2011! The dates are tentative and the book still might not be written/released at all!
  55. Guest16222498
    On the page it says the anticipated completion date is Aug. 24, 2010...and anticipated publication date is Aug. 24, 2011. I really really hope it takes much less time!! This book is amazing so far, I can't even describe it.
  56. Guest16214625
    according to, it will be released in 8/11. You can look it up, publication #PRE000001564
  57. Hannah
    u can definetily go online to or go to and buy the book if u want it so bad. hope that helped. :)
  58. Guest15795232
    hello, well i would just lovee it if she would finish it i read some of it in her website and i lovedd it!!! i get her point on not wanting to write it but comon please do it 4 your reall fan!
  59. Guest15567866
  60. Guest15449044
    I have searched and searched and so far I have found that it is rumored to be released in August of 2010
  61. Guest15350478
    I'd like it if she could finish the book. but why is she making us suffer like this because the suspense is killing me
  62. Guest15251870
    I really wish Midnight Sun would be published. I would love to read the whole series again from another point of view. What an AWESOME writer Stephenie is. Wish I had the talent she does. Thanks for the Twilight Saga!!
  63. Guest15164037
    please stephenie mayar i want to read mindnight sun it hard not to think of and i hope you do all the book in is point of view i want to understand him alittle better.
  64. Guest14808065
    what? this is cruel and unusual punishmnet. why make us wait? in another 2-3 years all the hype grom twilight saga may be in the past. and i personally dont think any other books she will write will be as good as this series.
  65. Guest14697967
    I am dying to read it, as I have read Chapter 1 off her website. But I say leave her to it, so she can write at her own pace, and get it done so its the best it can be. You don't want her rushing it and s******g it up, so it's not a good read.
  66. Guest14363668
    its not coming out august 2010.she just updated her website a couple of weeks ago sayin that she stilldoesn't know when she'll finish it or when it might come out... but personally i dont think she should maket the fans suffer when we had nothing to do with the leak
  67. Guest14332005
    omg i want to read midnight sun!!!!!!!!!!! someone told me that she was going to write newmoon in jacobs point of view call fullmoon but i think that was a rumour urgh!
  68. Guest14283304
  69. Guest14222648
    I have till the 18 chapter in English if u like I could pass it:D
  70. Guest13794394
    august 2010??? thats not too bad wen you think about it... new moon just came out so watch that a few times in the cinema, then buy it wen it comes out on dvd. in the meantime read the whole saga again and again, then 30th june eclipse is released in the cinema... watch that a few times and then read the saga once more to prepare yourself for midnight sun in august 2010. but i heard its coming out in jan 2010... obviously my source is wrong
  71. Guest13730226
    Whenever it is I hope it is sooner than later...i have read it off her site a good 10x and cant get enough...but whatevr happens happens until then I will just keep rereading all that she has done from twilght to midnight sun's patial post...PLEASE STEPHANIE if you read these, please your books made me believe in love again
  72. Guest13670761
    i have heard that the realease date for midnight sun will be december 23,2009
  73. Guest13533872
    it has just come out but i dont know in which shops :) :)
  74. Guest13467052
    I love the books. I have read Midnight Sun, well what is out there at least, and I have to say I loved it. It's a breath taking book so far and I would like it to stay that way. If it takes a few years then so be it! I would want the book to come out the way it started. I would love to tell Stephanie that I would like her to continue with her book, that she has inspired me to continue with my own. But I know how it feels to have or what feels like, someone always standing over you to watch what you are doing. In other words, being in your bubble. I do hope that one day we will be able to read the finished copy of one of her best works of art
  75. Guest13144603
    what source is this coming from? i saw it first on yahoo answers but its not verified anywhere else... its not even on her website and that should have been the first place it was posted... im anxious for the book to be published but i dont wanna get my hopes up either.. there's no facts behind this
  76. Guest13141626
    ive seen that a lot of people online are saying it will be released sometime in August of 2010. but i really hope she finishes it sooner. im dyin to kno the rest of it, and i dont care if robert patternson doesnt like midnight sun or that someone was an a*s and let the book leak. i want that book to come out really badly. im soo bored with all of these other copy cat writers who are writing vampire books now that they became big again. just STEPHANY MEYER!
  77. Guest12642076
    she must release Midnight soon while the vampire fad is still hot, if not it will be an uphill battle.
  78. Guest12455858
    8/22/2010 or 2011
  79. Guest12241185
  80. Guest12241185
  81. Guest12059904
    I think Ms. Meyer should release Midnight soon while the vampire fad is still hot. If she waits too long another genre will come along and the vampire phase will be waning. You have to strike while the iron is hot. Please do not wait until all interest is lost, it may hard to regain it.
  82. Guest12023998
    When will Midnight Sun be realeased in book
  83. Guest11811105
    i love your books they are wonderful and im glade i read them
  84. Guest11609713
    Please finish midnight sun mrs meyer :) I LOVE YOU'RS BOOKS!
  85. Guest11382381
    please please finish and publish midnight sun! I'm sorry but i cant stop thinking about it for the next two years!!i love twilight and i really want to read the rest of edwards prospective!!:) i know that was a huge portrayl what that person did but please dont take it out us by not publishing it. i love your books and the way they absorb you into the story and im dying to read midnight sun!soon preferably!! you rock steph meyer!:)
  86. Guest11376808
    I am one of those people who did read it online off of ur site I hope u finish it and i think u should do it for all the books edwards point of view for all the books would b awesome
  87. Guest11336834
    Come on Stephenie, i'm dying to read midnight sun. I love twilight saga so much. You can't expect books that great to be forgotten. People will never ever forget all the great work you've done. I haven't read midnight sun yet, i'm waiting for it to be released. I don't care how long it takes. You can take your time. Just don't say that it's never gonna be released because that will break my heart and many other fans out there, too. Please Stephenie, please!
  88. Guest11265031
    PLEASE finish midnight sun! We all love it Stephanie. It really is my favorite book out of the whole saga! And honestly, I really don't think anyone will forget about it nor will you not hear about it for a while because everyone is dying to read it. Don't let your fans down!
  89. Guest11003303
    Go to and click on search the catalog. Enter PRE000001564 and choose to search by registration number. There is a date of anticipated completion - 8/24/2010, and a projected date of publication - 8/24/2011.
  90. Guest10994361
    I have been waiting for Midnight Sun for months now and I am really getting fed up of waiting I loved the Twilight books, (especially New Moon)and I would love to be able to read Edward's point of view of Twilight. I cannot wait for it to come out along with many other fans. I really hope that Stephanie finishes it soon.
  91. Guest10946577
    ahh Stephanie, I am a 39 year married woman who has fallen hard for your books. You are a spectacular writer. I too am an artist, my work requires a certain flow to be successful. I hope that you kind find the peace and call upon Edward to help you bring to life your pen, (keyboard more likely!) Midnight Sun is my favorite book so far, please continue to honor God and your gifts.... I'll be patiently waiting! Emily
  92. Guest10927994
    Please Stephanie, i love that book, i don't want to wait. I want to read the part that Edward hear Bella telling him ''I love you'' in her sleep. Pleeeeas please please please please please please. And tell me where can i find the chapter 15, I'll love to read it. And please, keep writing them, don't stop, people really love your book, i love your book, and is driving me crazy that i have to wait, just please, if you really are reading this don't let us down, everybody love you, everybody is loosing their mind with your great imagination, [in a good way] that is the best book i ever, EVER read in my life, thank Stephanie for making my summer vacation the best ever. And don't forget, we love you.
  93. Guest10891499
    please please release midnight sun we would all love to know what Edward feels........
  94. Guest10813265
    Pwease finish midnight sun mrs meyer :)
  95. Guest10783537
    I love edward his side is better
  96. Guest10782226
    ppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee finish midnight sun it is ssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo ggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd!
  97. Guest10772104
    pleeeeasse finish it
  98. Guest10646451
    I have not read the internet release of Midnight Sun I want to wait for the book to be released. But it is hard to wait.
  99. Guest10625104
    i prefer what i have read of midnight sun to is so much better in many ways... i am very excited to read about the medow scene, because thats my favorite part of the twilight and i would LOVE to hear it in edwards perspective... so i hope sooo much that she will compleate it...
  100. Guest10625104
    i prefer what i have read of midnight sun to is so much better in many ways... i am very excited to read about the medow scene, because thats my favorite part of the twilight and i would LOVE to hear it in edwards perspective... so i hope sooo much that she will compleate it...
  101. Guest10605037
    eeeerrrrrrr august 2010 is tooo long i am extremely po about peoples illegal post of chapters 1-12 if people hadnt done that it would prob already be out stupid people!!!!!!
  102. Guest10524112
    i hope Stephanie decides to hurry and publish midnight sun {hopefully before august 2010}. i know a ton of people who would love to read it including me.
  103. Guest10457192
    Even though it was released without her knowing or permission, the rumored date of publication is August, 2010. But, of course, this is only a rumor that I immensly hope is true. For now, that's what I'm going by.
  104. Guest10404280
    I think it's hard not to talk about Midnight Sun because it is so gripping and when you reach the end of the last chapter of the leaked post - you don't want it to have stopped there. Stephanie has an amazing talent and she shouldn't feel pressured into finishing the book but she has countless numbers of fans who love her work. The interesting thing about Midnight Sun is that it is from Edward's veiw and how he loves Bella so much. Hopefully Stephanie eventually makes a decision about Midnight Sun and i am going to try and be patient for that decision. No matter how long i will have to wait.
  105. Guest10160447
    I personally think its dumb that we as fans MUST stop talking about Midnight Sun so that Stephanie can get back to her happy place and write again. This whole ordeal about her not releasing the book untile we've forgotten about it is just stupid. Why should she do this to her fans just because she intrusted her work with the wrong person? I feel that if she cared about her fans at all she wouldn't be trying to wait until we stopped caring. Her attempt to make us forget is just going to drive more fans to find the illegal posting because the suspense is getting to be too much.
  106. Guest10129571
    Well first off, Midnight sun is in Edward piont of view. And no she is not going to finish it because of it being released without her permission. So i don't think it will ever be on bookselves.
  107. Guest10121420
    why not just change it like talk more about reneesme and a little about wut is goin on inside edwards mind
  108. Guest10089274
    The second post is correct. What we need to do is stop checking up on it. She wants everyone to forget about it. Its kind of hard to but we MUST try. She will continue so unfortunatley we must let it go. Atleast for a while.
  109. Guest10047677
    Stephenie Meyer said that she was only going to do Midnight Sun. She refuses to do the other books in edward's point of view because she does not want to go through the pain that edward feels while he is away from bella in New Moon. so she is NOT continuing with the different-point-of-veiw-books.
  110. Guest10008163
    is stephanie meyer go to write edward's version on all 4 books or just twilight?
  111. Guest9981343
    No, Midnight Sun is not out yet, it is still on hold. But don't let that get you down--Stephenie stated that she would eventually continue it after 2-3 years, when she feels like "everyone's forgotten about it". But it IS coming out! For more info, search Midnight Sun on Wikipedia. That has all of the info and it IS reliable.
  112. Guest9942498
    is the book midnight sun out yet

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