Method of Creating a Meta Tag in HTML

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What is the method of creating a Meta Tag in HTML; please help me with complete information.

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    "Placement of Meta Tags on HTML Page: • Put Meta tags between the ""Head"" tags at the starting of your HTML programming. The name, recount, keywords, robots and other Meta components each get their own tag inside the ""Head"" section. • Be certain to encompass both needed components of the Meta tag: ""name"" and ""content."" • Use only text in the Meta tags. Photos, graphics, connections, blink and java are not read inside the tags. • Remember that the Meta tags are concealed inside the HTML of the world broad web sheet, so tourists to the location will not be adept to glimpse them except they ""View Source."" However, some seek motors drag exactly from the Meta tags, so trial to bypass typos and spelling errors. Use Meta Tags Properly • Choose which Meta tags you require for each page. While a recount and keywords are most wide spread, you can furthermore use tags for copyright data, frequency of revisions or author. Check out the Slacker's Guide to HTML for a register of some often utilized Meta tags. • Focus on the recount and keywords on each page. This data is often dragged exactly by seek engines. You should furthermore encompass a title. While not really a Meta tag, a name is often glimpsed on seek motor listings. • Avoid spamming by unnaturally doing again keywords. Many seek motors assertion they no longer use the keywords tag, but when utilized correctly, it adds a significant component to your world broad webpage. Use descriptive periods that recount the genuine content on the page. Most seek motors read up to 1,000 characters. • Make certain the first judgment of your recount states it all. Most seek motors only use the first 10 to 25 phrases, so while you can make your recount longer, the first judgment should apparently condense your site's content. • Customize your Meta tags to your site. If you are dragging a location chart on a normal cornerstone, your Meta tags should contain the data required for your requirements. This may permit you to automate the process."

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