Media advertising jobs in India

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Hi, my sister wants some details about Media advertising jobs in India, actually she want to start her career as media planner, that is why she needs information, thanks.

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  1. kate

     Advertising or Publicity is considered as one of the major activities for the success of every business. It is equally significant as producing something by utilizing raw material, or as capital, manpower, planning, organizing etc. The process of publicizing the products or services that the business provides to the targeted customers is known as advertising. It is one of the essential part of marketing, and an integral condition for selling. Advertising something in a country with vast population needs organizing and applying human abilities and talent and technology backed media. Advertising companies use multifaceted talents in order to conduct successful campaigns. With the advancement in electronic media, advertising has developed as an organized industry, providing a lot of employment opportunities.
    There are numerous Advertising jobs available in India and abroad. Advertising Job options include that of account planner, executive, copywriter, visualizer, creative art director, animator, multimedia expert, photographer, printer, TV producer, media planner, web developer jobs, web planner, and marketing professional. Those who are skilled in Commercial Art have tremendous opportunities. MBAs can also play an important role in client servicing, although, individual creativity and skills for innovation contribute more than academic degrees. The advertising industry always has a great demand of talent. In order to achieve success in the advertising area, one has to have competency laced with diverse skills. The copywriter, the visualizer, the art director, and the studio technician have to work in momentum, as the ultimate aim of a good advertisement is to create a strong bond between the product and the consumer.

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