Mazda 3 problems.. Check engine light on, nothing appears wrong?

by nishishui  |  8 years, 3 month(s) ago

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I drove to work today, it was fine. I got in my car at lunch, and the check engine light was on, and nothing appeared wrong. I immediately get ulcer- bad stressed. I am broker than broke and can't afford any extra expenses. I checked the oil, which was almost completely gone (I'm not kidding about being broke, I haven't been able to afford an oil change in 7800 miles). So I go and charge my oil change, and the light is still on. I would love to get a hold of and OBD II reader, but you can't rent/borrow them in California anymore.

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  1. dido

     the check engine light comes on for multiple reasons. My check engine light came on for a messed up oxygen meter. It could be many reasons that you can’t see from just looking at the engine. I would go get it checked out before it becomes a more serious and/or expensive problem.

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