Master the Movement Theory of s***w Classifier

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Master the Movement Theory of s***w Classifier

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     Spiral separator is widely used for distributing ore in the close circuit with ball mill grinder, grading ore and fine slit in the gravity mill, grading granularity in the flow of metal ore-dressing and desliming and dehydrating in the washing.


    Classifier is divided into four type: high weir type single s***w and double screwl, immerged single s***w and double s***w. The s***w classifier can be used to connect with ball to form the closed-circuit cyclic secheduling for split-ranging and split-flow imeral sands in dressing plant, or classifying the mineral sand and fine slit in the gravity dressing plant, or classifying the sizes of thr ore pulp in th process of metal dressing, or desliming and dewatering in the cleaning ore. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable and easy to operation.

    Working principle of s***w Classifier:

    There will have strong centrifugal force in the ore spiral classifier. The mixture of air powder enters into the classifier will firstly into the inside the classifier, under the action of centrifugal force, big or heavy particles greatly affected by centrifugal force, so be left to the periphery of classifier or to boundary wall of spiral separator, and no longer subject to the influence of the centrifugal force, naturally fall to host crusher to continue crush or fall to the discharging mouth tp collect; small or light materials subjected to centrifugal force is small, hovering within the s***w separator, affected by the wind of induced draft fan and taken to the upper to move along the pipe to the next component to classify or collect. Through variable frequency to regulate the classifier’s rotation speed can adjust the centrifugal force size of the classifier, achieve the purpose of specifying the particle size of materials.

    s***w separator:

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