Martial arts questions

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So I have two questions, first:
This is going to sound stupid but how DO you pronounce "karate" ? I've heard a lot of debate over this.
1) Kah-raw-tay 2)kuh-rotty 3)krah-tay These are the three I've heard most
4) Depends on translation/transliteration/etc.(Please give an example)

Second: are there any actual Ninjutsu schools left? If so, are there any outside Japan? I have heard of people in the UK and US being instructed in it, and I've also heard Ninjutsu is actually dead. I know ninjutsu encompassed whole guerrilla strategy and not just hand to hand and swords.

Note: I'm just looking for some answers, I don't want the second one to turn into a lecture about what "real" martial arts are.

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