How to buy Marriott Grande Vista timeshare?

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I am quite interested in a Marriott Grande Vista (MGV) resort and have currently looking at resales, what are some of the options and process of buying a timeshare?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    It is better to carefully observe and buy a proper timeshare to enjoy the service with the maximum savings by looking the needs of your life.
    There are following things that you need to keep in mind before buying a timeshare in Marriot Grande Vista. There is a buyer specialist who reviews our offer of the timeshare that we are providing to him or we are interested in. There is contact needed between the buyer and the seller by the telephone, via email or via any other medium so that they can discuss the issue and stay up to date about the offers. This is basically to facilitate the buyer in case he has any questions and query he can contact the specialist regarding his problem. The next step is the confirmation of the offer when the offer is confirmed then the buyer specialist will then tell the buyer to present his offer for further processes and when the buyer send the answer about this new scenario to the buyer specialist then the specialist forwards it to the next department.
    In case the buyer rejects the offer he will be given the option about how to proceed and what type of option he will like to avail. The closing process will ensure that the offer is accepted. Then it is the buyers responsibility to pay for all the costs that is involved in purchasing a timeshare.

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