Marriage Breakup of Tom and Nicole

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What was the real reason Tom and Nicole Kidman broke up? Who wanted the divorce-Tom or Nicole? How do they share custody of their children? Thanks for help.

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  1. Guest27868389

     I heard that they had too busy schedules that they just drifted apart. The kids mostly stay with Tom especially now that he had just divorced with Katie Holmes.

  2. John

    Hi Jean,

    I think the only two people that know the answer as to why Tom and Nicole got a divorce are Tom and Nicole themselves. Neither one of them is really talking much about it (which is only natural), and you really cannot believe all the stuff that you read in the papers.

    I do believe that Tom and Nicole loved each other very much, and that they tried to make it work for a long time. Magazines have been telling us that \"Nicole was taken by surprise by his decision\" and that Tom said \"Nicole knows exactly why we're getting a divorce\". I don't know if either of those is true (neither of those stories were officially confirmed), but it does makes most sense that Nicole does know why. Maybe she did find it a sudden decision, in a way that she thought he would stay with her forever.

    It is officially confirmed that Nicole had a miscarriage. I believe that even if that is a sad thing that was possibly triggered by the divorce (in the first 3 months of a woman' s pregnancy there are always a lot of things that can go wrong, stress can induce miscarriage) both parties were unaware of the pregnancy at the time of the divorce.

    Nicole did say in an interview with Oprah about the divorce \"and then a number of bad things happened\". I guess we'll never know what exactly those bad things were, most likely we will never know.

    Don't forget that a marriage between actors is very difficult. You have to deal with certain things much more intensity then in a \"ordinary\" marriage. Jealousy for example, being apart most of the time, your image, the way you behave in public becomes important (both partners may not agree on how to behave in public with each other). There is also the fact that Tom and Nicole come from different countries. I bet she would love to live in Australia he would love to live in the US, where he grew up. Which one would you choose? Both countries 50/50? Not easy! And probably an even more important issue, where would you want your kids to grow up?

    Did you see Eyes Wide Shut? The difficulties in a relationship that are portrayed there, things like sexual fantasies and jealousy are things that a lot of people do not discuss in their marriage, because it's very touchy material. Tom and Nicole had to go through that. They must have seen some sides of each other that were fairly new to both of them. Tom even said that he was glad that they didn't do this movie in the first year of their marriage, he said that it would have been \"much, much more difficult\".

    Then there is the image topic. How do you behave at a premiere of a movie? At the Oscars? Tom and Nicole were always smiling, maybe they had a fight just before but they didn't want to show that to the public? Partly because of image, or because some things do not need to go public. Sometimes I think it was all over Nicoles face that she was bored at these Hollywood parties. Maybe he liked it better than her? Maybe he could handle the attention better? There are so many things that they have to face that a lot of us never have to, and I can imagine that at a certain point in a marriage people grow tired of having to work at it all the time.

    I also read that Tom felt that he was the one always traveling up and down keeping the family together. Maybe he felt that Nicole didn't do her share. Maybe it was the other way around, with Nicole clearly putting her career on hold for her husbands'. They also said that when one of them worked, the other one didn't, so that one of them could always be with the children. How do you choose your projects that way? First he then she? Some movies take more work (time) then others! And no partner can ever ask the other to give up working that is not right.

    I'm sure that there was real love, and that both of them tried their best. It just didn't work out, probably because of a lot of reasons. And maybe, when things were bad, something (maybe small) did happen that was the final draw.

    Just don't think you can simplify things by saying \"she cheated on him, that's why they divorced\". Marriage is not as simple as that. So I don't think there is a \"real reason\".

    Tom was the one who filed for divorce, and fast, so I think he is the one to push things threw. But that doesn't mean that Nicole didn't want it. Maybe she wanted it, but couldn't.

    No details are known in the press on how they share custody. I do know that I get to see pix of Tom and the kids and of Nic and the kids. So no matter what I see or read, I do believe that they are talking to one another and that they do their best to raise their kids together.

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