Any idea about Marilyns relationships?

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How did John Kennedy view Marilyn Monroe? How did Robert view her? Was there any tension between the two to win her affection? Could either Robert or John been responsible Marilyns death? Tell me in detail, I am curious to know about her relationship history. I hope you can help me to know something about her relations.


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    I do not believe the Kennedys had anything to do with Marilyns actual death. She died from an obvious drugoverdose. The Pill she bought for herself was found in her bloodstream the next day. She was under pressure and distraught. Did the Kennedys contribute to her state of mind? Possibly. Did they cause in the least, her suicide? I seriously doubt it. I personally think it was most likely a culmination of things she could not longer deal with.

    I do not believe Marilyn had an affair with Robert Kennedy. When Marilyn and Bobby met it was most often in the company of his wife. He visited Marilyn at her home one afternoon but her housekeeper was present the whole time and they simply sat by the pool and chatted.

    I am pretty confident to say that Marilyn had a brief affair with J.F.K. I do not feel it amounted too much and went on very long. The media has over exaggerated their relationship and created a cottage industry centering on Marilyn and the Kennedys.

    Marilyn had bigger problems than the Kennedys.

    I am happy to be of your help.



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