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I was just wondering if I could ask you more than one question on her. My first question is about her death. What was the striking force behind her death? Also, what got you interested in Marilyn Monroe? Thirdly, some people say she was not much of an actress, what is your opinion on that? I was also wondering who the man who gave her eulogy is, and what he meant to Marilyn? Do you think that Marilyn, if still around today, would still be doing movies, and if so, what would people think of her?

I would appreciate it so much if you could answer these. Thank you so much!


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  1. John

    Thanks for the multiple questions.

    For your first question I have no doubt in my mind that Robert Kennedy was the one who planned Marilyns murder, but there were also many other people involved. The best book to read on this, that will answer almost all the questions on Marilyns death is THE LAST DAYS OF MARILYN MONROE By Donald H. Wolfe. I have read 12 books on MM so far and that is one of the best. I had never really thought of Marilyn Monroe, I knew who she was but was never really interested in her until I was 13, I bought a poster of her because I thought it was a cool picture then my friend bought me a book at a garage sale called THE LAST TAKE and I read it and I was completely interested in everything about her after that.

    That book THE LAST TAKE is mostly about the production of her last and unfinished film something got to give, when the book gets to the subject about her death it hints at foul play, I was shocked that something could have happened to one of the most famous people in the world. Marilyn Monroe is one of the most under rated actors ever. She was a great actress and given the chance to do more serious work, she would have proven her talent. Joe Dimmagio her second husband gave the eulogy I believe. After they divorced in 1954 only 8 or 9 months after they got married, they stayed best friends till she died. He always blamed the Kennedys for her death. If Marilyn had lived she would have done a few more movies and then gone into theater and probably would have been a big success and at present if she were alive I do not think shade be doing movies but she would still be as famous.

    Hope this helps you, good luck on your report.

    If you ever want to read a really good book about Marilyn read CONVERSATIONS WITH MARILYN MONROE by W.J. Weatherby.


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