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If Marilyn never comes close to meet James Dean? Is it true or not, I need information on their relation. Marilyn is one of my favorite actresses and I need the real information about her. Please help me out and tell me truth about her relation with James Dean.

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  1. John

    Hello there

    Are you referring to some of the artwork out there depicting Marilyn and James Dean (and sometimes Elvis and others) together? Well, that is artwork. (And somebodys imagination.) so do not believe in some work of art, as most of the times a lot of stuff can be seen in the name of art work. believe me, I have never seen or heard anything about them.

    In real life Marilyn never met James Dean. And if somebody is telling you such atrocity story then do not believe on him. I have never listen or read about some real encounter of Marilyn and James Dean and I am d**n sure, there is no reality in her relation with James. So make your mind clear. You can also check other sources of information, but you will not find real proof of her relation.

    And if somebody is saying that there was some deep relation existed between these famous celebrities, then do not believe it.

    I hope I have answered you well, but if still you have some confusion in your mind then do consult me again and I will satisfy your query.

    I am happy to be of your help


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