Marilyn Monroe's Childhood

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I want to know about the child hood of Marilyn Monroe

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  1. John

    Marilyns childhood was not a stable one. Her mother suffered mental illness and was institutionalized several times, so Marilyn was raised in foster care and in orphanages. Marilyn had this to say about her youth: I know a lot of people say that the orphanage was not so bad. But of course even the most modern orphanage is still an orphanageif you know what I mean. At night, when the others were sleeping, I would sit up in the window and cry because I would look over and see the RKO studio sign above the roofs in the distance, where my mother worked as a cutter. When I went there to work, years later in 1951, doing Clash By Night, I went up to see if I could see the orphanage. But there were too many tall buildings in the way.

    Marilyns day in the orphanage began at six in the morning. We did our work before we went to the public school. We each had a bed, a chair, and a locker. Everything had to be very clean, perfect, because of inspection. And I worked in the kitchen, washing dishes. There were a hundred of us, so I washed a hundred plates and all those spoons and forks. I once read that there were only three or four of us in a room in the orphanage. That is not true. I slept in a room with 27 beds, where you could work your way to the honor bed? If you behaved. I got to the honor bed once. But one morning, I was late and was putting on my shoes when the matron said? Come downstairs!? I tried to tell her I was tying my shoes, but she said, back to the 27th bed?

    During her early years, Marilyn was fostered by several families. I had? Lets see, no, eleven families. The first one lived in a small town near Los Angeles. I was born in Los Angeles. I stayed with them until I was around seven. They were terribly strict. They brought me up harshly, and corrected me in a way I think they never should have? With a leather strap. That finally came out, and so I was taken away and given to an English couple. Life with them was pretty casual and tumultuous. She would later claim that she was not treated the same as the other children, and always felt she mattered less and was not wanted or beautiful (these feelings later manifested themselves in Norma Jeane wanting MM to be the most beautiful and wanted star around).

    As a child Marilyn had a bad stutter. In the orphanage I began to stutter. The day they brought me there, after they pulled me in, crying and screaming, suddenly there I was in the large dining room with a hundred kids sitting there eating, and they were all staring at me. So I stopped crying right away. Maybe thats a reason along with the rest: my mother and the idea of being an orphan. Anyway, I stuttered. That was the first time. Later on, in my teens, when I was at Van Knight High School, they elected me secretary of the English class, and every time I had to read the minutes I would say, ?Minutes of the last m-m-m-meeting.? It was terrible. That went on for two years, until I was 15.

    As a child Marilyn adored the movies, and every chance she got would go to the movie house. The glamour of the movies took away the reality of her life.

    Marilyn by all accounts seems to have been a very normal, well behaved child. She showed no huge flair for acting, nor was she particularly beautiful (I am not running her down, she was very pretty, but no one could tell what she would later become from her pictures as a child). In fact she was quite withdrawn and shy.

    Hope that answers your question Jessie!

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