Marilyn Monroe and cause of death

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I am doing an essay on what really happened to Marilyn Monroe?

I need to know, did Dr. Greenson murder Marilyn Monroe?

If so what motivated him?

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  1. John


    Thanks for asking. I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories easily. There has never been any evidence that shows Dr. Greenson was somehow involved in murdering Marilyn. Books have been written about this subject but aside from speculation there is not much else. Of course these accusations did not surface until after Dr. Greenson had died, so he could not defend himself. It is easy to point the finger elsewhere and invent stories

    One theory has Dr. Greenson killing Marilyn to rid himself of her as a patient. That is ridiculous. He could have simply walked away. An even sillier motive is the one where Dr. Greenson tries to keep Marilyn permanently sedated to keep her from firing him (as if nobody would notice this!) I think Dr. Greenson had enough patients where he did not need to resort to this....and the method used to sedate Marilyn? According to the theory: an e***a! I can think of several easier ways to get the job done. I guess your query is answered now. Still have any confusion then do reply. I will definitely answer to your questions.

    Her fans were confused on her sudden death and it was a big shock for them. But only a few know the story behind her suicide.

    Good luck with your essay.


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