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You got a very interesting site. I want to know that my uncle has had a unique signed picture of Marilyn Monroe since 1955, but he never thought of selling the picture since he had. Can you believe he was offered $15,000.00 in the 1970s.

My uncle asked me to find the actual worth of the picture. But I do not have any idea how to find out for sure, the actual price of the picture. My Uncle is not confident with a dealer who can make his own money out of this situation. I am trying to prevent that from happening.

I can tell you some details about the picture, and I hope it will help in putting a value on it. In photo she is just in a one piece bathing suit, the photo is of her full length. She has one arm up, and has a braclet on one wrist. She signed it, and it is signed, rather copied, to Doctor Fontane the greatest, Marilyn Monroe.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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  3. John


    I cannot help you, as it is up to the person to determine the value who is paying you money. That is up to the person willing to buy it, as I put it.
    But first, lets make sure it is really Marilyn in the picture to begin with and if that is her real signature. (I can only give you the detailed information. I need to confirm date, place, photographer, etc).

    It seems you have to show me the picture, only then I can make a decision. And it is possible that I keep it and pay you money.


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