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Tell me, what type of Monroes photo has the highest monetary value? Do MM photos need to be originals to be valuable? How does one know if a photo is original? Also, how do I enter your website on Marilyn? Thank you so much from a Marilyn fan.


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  1. John


    I do not have any useful link right now, sorry. Let me answer your questions, as you may not be aware that an original photo of Marilyn would be worth the most if you took the photo, even better. Interestingly, most of her photographs are owned by their photographers and it would be very hard to get the original pix.

    No matter if you even the photos you can buy from the photographers themselves are usually replicas of their originals and they still go for quite the sum. So who you can make a difference? Some studio photographs were autographed by Marilyn herself and they would bring a pretty penny if you happen to have one.

    You know, a lot of photos around the world are just copies of copies of copies of originals even though, you can still auction them off or sell them on eBay for a decent price because they are often sharper and finer detailed then ordinary pictures. It is not an easy task to determine the value, when you cannot event justify, whether it is original or a fake. I wish I could provide you some more information regard here photos. But I have no words more to share with you.

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