Who lives in Marilyn Monroe House?

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Does anyone live in her house today? Or it is empty since her death. Please tell me who the current tenant of this house is.

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  1. John

    Many people have lived in Monroe's house since her death. The Nuenez family purchased the residence from the estate and lived there from 1963 until 1980. Then it went through several owners who rented it out to tenants including Anna Nicole Smith. In 1995, the home was purchased by a family who did a major renovation or restoration on the house which had changed a great deal since Marilyn owned it. Members of the family still live there today.

    You know what? Here tender memories are still in the minds of thousands of her fans who love here too much. According to a fan, Marilyn loves the pool in her house, but never got a chance to swim in. the house in LA was the only house she had in her live. The house is well maintained and offers a sophisticated live. This house is based on a beautiful Spanish Theme which can attract any visitor.
    In my personal opinion the house should not be made a museum, which depicts here live standards and so on.

    Really, it was quite unfortunate for her, as she did not enjoy here live in this lovely house so far. She almost paid 90,000 dollars for this lovely house, as this was her first and last home ever.
    God bless her soul.

    I hope I have answered what you asked

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