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I want to know where the monument of Marilyn Monroe which is pictured on Mr. Andersons book, any idea about the DD Group Investigation of Marilyn Monroes Death. I hope you can provide me the comprehensive information on this. I am a great of Marilyn Monroe and really want to go there, help me and give me some idea about this monument.


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  1. John


    The book you are referring to was written (or put together, should I say) by David Marshall. I was a member of the DD group and appear in the book. Marilyn Monroes monument is in Haugesund, Norway.

    I have studied that Bizarrely, Haugesund claims to be the family home of Marilyn Monroe. It was the same place where her father, a local baker, immigrated to a new country, USA. That is why a monument on the quay, right after the Rica Maritim Hotel, is proud to represent this outstanding Hollywood star.

    I have searched a lot but still no clue about here monument.
    There are different opinions about her monument but hence not proved. But when we look at her family history, no one can deny that her origin belongs to Norway.

    I hope you have got the answer of you question now, and there is no confusion left in your mind. Still have any question related to her monument then you can check out this link, where detailed information is given about her monument.

    Thanks for asking.

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