Marilyn Monroe and her Death

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Hello, my name is ash and I am currently a Year 12 Student writing a Historiographical essay on the death of the famous actress, Marilyn Monroe.

I was just wondering if you knew any authors or historians who agree and have written a book or a historical work about the theory that she committed suicide.

I will be very grateful to you if I get a positive reply as soon as possible. Please help me out.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. John


    Well, I know of several books which could easily help you out to make an assessment about her death. There are different books available, exclusively based on her death which discusses Marilyns suicide in intelligent terms. From the rest of the books, the best being Marilyn Monroe by Barbara Leaming and covers different issues related to her death. Another book Why Norma Jean killed Marilyn Monroe by Lucy Freeman is one long psychological and exclusive profile of Marilyn, as she tries to explain her suicide.

    I can definitely recommend those two. So go out and purchase these two books. You would definitely find out some interesting facts about her death. No doubt, there are different other books as well, which highlights the different analytical angles of her life, and the striking factors which motivated her to commit a suicide. Overall her sad and miserable life was self spoken and all events from her early childhood to the date of her death were interlinked.


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