Marilyn Monroe Questions for an End-of-the-Year School Project!

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I am an 11th grade student at Culver City High School in Los Angeles, California. In my AP English Language or Composition course, we are required to do an I-Search Project on a topic of our choice. Basically, we must research various reliable sources and we must also interview an expert pertaining to our topic. My question is as follows: What is the truth behind the death of Marilyn Monroe?
I was wondering if you would be able to be the expert that I interview. If so, and thank you so much by the way, here are the questions

1. What is your full name and what makes you an expert on Marilyn Monroe?
2. What are the conspiracies surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe?
3. Which conspiracy do you personally believe in and why?
4. Why do you think Marilyn Monroes death was and still remains such a mystery?
5. How extensive was Marilyns drug use and did it in fact have an effect on her death or her life in general?
6. Who were the men involved with Marilyn and what negative and or positive impact did they have on her?
7. Just how involved was Marilyn with JFK and did he have something to do with her death?
8. Did Marilyn have suicidal tendencies and did she seem like the type of person who would commit suicide?
9. What were Marilyns relations with the mafia?
10. Did Marilyn have any enemies?
11. Did Marilyn have friendly relations with all of her ex-husbands and could they have had something to do with her death?

If you want to combine some questions into one, that is fine, because some of them may be a bit redundant. Thank you so very much and I hope I will hear from you soon.

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  1. John

    Hopefully I can help. I am answering all questions to the best of my knowledge based on all known facts, sound information and a little common sense.

    1. My name is Lenore. I have researched Marilyn Monroes Life for over 15 years. I was a founding member of the DD group, an online group that researched Marilyn's death in detail for over a year, which resulted in the Book DD Group: An online investigation into the death of Marilyn Monroe.

    2. There are different conspiracies about Marilyn's death. One says Marilyn was killed via injection by a hit man hired by the Kennedys (or she was forced to take an oral overdose by them), or the Mafia had her killed to somehow embarass the Kennedys, another states Bobby Kennedy himself smothered Marilyn with a pillow, one says Marilyn died via killer e***a administered by her housekeeper on orders of Marilyn's psychiatrist Dr. Greenson and last but not least, Marilyn was forced into a suicide plot involving her doctor, housekeeper and even Pat newcomb, Marilyns assistant and friend.

    3. I believe Marilyn died from an intentional large overdose of drugs.

    Why do I believe this? I am a big believer in the philosophy that the easiest answer is often the right one. It just fits.

    Marilyn bought the drugs that killed her. Nobody else knew about them. They were found in her system shortly after. She had emotional problems. She had a family history of mental Illness. She was depressed. She had tried suicide before. She had longstanding drug issues. She had career problems. She was getting older. The List goes on and on.

    4. Marilyns death is no mystery to me. It is to others because a, they do not know enough about her life or death to make a valid judgment and are swayed by popular opinion or the media or b, people are misinformed on the facts of Marilyn's death or c, people love a good mystery and sensationalism or d, they can't get themselves to blame Marilyn for her own death.

    That is how I see it.

    5. Marilyns druguse had a big effect on her life and ultimately caused her death. No doubt it clouded her judgment in her relationships, marriages, and career and health issues.

    Marilyns drug abuse was very extensive. One needs to only take a look at her nightstand in Brentwood to see that.

    6. Toward the end of her Life Marilyn was involved with Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra and his group of party pals (which included the Kennedys and the Law fords). Joe DiMaggio had a good influence over Marilyn but in the end it was not enough. Marilyn was also very close to her doctor, Dr. Greenson. Whether his influence was healthy or harmful is arguable. He failed to save her as well. Marilyn was her own worst enemy so it would be unfair to put any one person in charge of her well being as well as her demise.

    7. Marilyns involvement with JFK amounted to a brief affair. Their 'relationship' has been greatly exaggerated in the media.

    8. It is hard to say who would seem like a person likely to commit suicide. But she was a good candidate, based on all that is known of her childhood, history and lifestyle.

    9. Much has been made of Marilyns involvement with the Mafia (as to hang yet another conspiracy upon them) Marilyn came in contact with many people during her party days with Sinatra and others and undoubtedly met people involved in the Mafia. She was a party girl to them. That is where it ends.

    10. I am not aware that Marilyn had enemies. She was a private person with issues that became apparent to all around her and in the end, the whole world. The press came to pity her publicly. I have never heard of a single person that claimed to have been enemies with Marilyn. I am sure some people disliked her because of her difficulties (mostly people that had to work with her), but not outright hated her.

    11. Marilyn was very friendly with Joe DiMaggio. She was cordial about Arthur Miller but had no relationship with him after their divorce. Marilyn had no contact with her first husband, Jim Dougherty, after 1946.

    No, I do not believe any of her ex-husbands had anything at all to do with her death.

    Hope this helps




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