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I am doing a project on Marilyn Monroe. And I have a couple of questions. That would help me out a lot on my project!

Well the first question is

1) Did Marilyn take any classes to make what her dancing, singing, modeling, acting, to be what it was?

2) I noticed that in almost every picture. The beauty mark that she has is in different places. Sometimes above her lip, below her lip or she does not even have one. Does she draw them on or...?

3) Because of her beauty and talent, was many girls jealous of her and has a person ever attempted to kill, or sabotage Marilyn?

Thank you so much. Hopefully you can get back to me.

Thank you

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  1. John

    1, Marilyn took many different classes. Early on she worked for a modeling agency. After she signed with Fox studios she took many singing, dancing and acting classes. Even as a mayor star she continued her education by being a member of the famous Actor Studio in New York.

    2, Marilyn did have a very light mole. She definitely darkened it after her make-up was applied. She usually wore the beauty mark in the same spot but did change it from time to time.

    3, I am sure people were jealous of Marilyn over the years. I know of no incident where anybody tried to kill her, unless you count in all those murder conspiracies after her death. For me they always lacked credibility.

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