What are the Manilow quotes about Elton John?

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0 LIKES UnLike fixed their search info and apparently the media did not get it wrong afterall. The article said that Barry made the statement in the context you stated at the awards and it goes on to say that Elton said in his comments that he could not have accepted Barry's proposal of marriage since it would have been too much of a fuss at the mirror.

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  1. Angelina

     To your information, has Barry Manilow ever been cited as saying anything that could have had in the middle of it "always liked to wed Elton John."
    The reason I inquire is that has that accurate set of phrases allotted to Barry Manilow in one of their report seek connections, but at no one of the connections that came up in that seek did I find anything asserting the same.
    I furthermore searched on more exact periods, encompassing the extract itself, and could find NOTHING at all that asserted that Manilow ever said anything of the sort. Comcast set as their search criteria for that piece "Barry Manilow extract Elton John" which, expectedly, conveyed up everything on both friends but that extract as far as I could find.
    I am thinking if made an error in their addition of that piece and the conspicuous concepts it engenders or if, really, Barry is g*y.
    I currently knew that he is well liked over genders amidst the feminine and the g*y male assembly, but that is not the identical as him being g*y himself.
    I wish this will assists to clarify the situation. If you have any farther inquiries, pleasemanage not hesitate to communicate us again.

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