Manilow and Bears

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I have a very serious question or rather a concern regarding the legendary singer and song writer Barry Manilow. I would want to know infact confirm that has there ever been a documented case of a bear that likes Barry? Besides I would want to know that are there any Barry Manilow teddy bears or this is just a self generated story?

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  1. Harry

    There have been so many questions and concerns about Barry Manilow perhaps right from the very moment when he became a well-known singer. If someone is asked to write a book on all such questions and concerns perhaps he would need another life to compile an updated book containing all the questions and concerns related to Barry Manilow. Mostly the questions are about his marriage, new album, personal life, favourite food, colour and whether or not Barry is a g*y and so many such indifferent questions. As far as the question involving a bear is concerned, it depends on your definition of the word bear. I have never heard of a zoo playing Manilow music for bears, but they say music hath charms to soothe the savage beast. For this reason I suppose it is possible. On the other hand, Barry has quite a large g*y following, and one may go on to assume that some of them happen to be the bear or bears. Last but not the least; I believe that the fan club has put out several teddy bears over the years.

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