Man dies after falling out of stands at Texas Rangers game

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I just heard news about a man that dies during the Texas Ranger game while catching the ball. I am looking for the complete details about the news that who the man was and how he died. Please provide me the details of it.

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  1. Duke

    This kind of thing isn't presumed to occur at the ballpark but it has happened; a man assisting a Texas Rangers game with his young child past away after falling out of the left-field stands and about 20 feet to the ground Thursday night.
    This has to be the saddest likely happening at a baseball game. A man goes to a ballgame with his child it's the supreme American experience and he passes away seeking to catch a ball. It's hard to comprehend.
    He was trying to catch a ball flipped into the stands by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton but evidently lost his balance and dropped head-first in a space between the 14-foot outfield barrier and the grandstand beside the Oakland Athletics bullpen.
    The Brownwood Bulletin recognized the man as Shannon Stone, a lieutenant in that town's fire department and a fireman for 18 years.
    The accident happened in the second inning after Oakland's Conor Jackson hit a foul ball that bounced back onto the field.
    Horrifying TV replays from the Oakland broadcast show Stone positioning him to catch Hamilton's throw, then tumbling over a railing as his young son watched. A man next to Stone tried to hold onto him, but couldn't.
    It's the second fatal fall at a major league ballpark this season. In May, a fan at Coors Field fell down a stairwell and died. Also, last July at Rangers Ballpark, a fan fell 30 feet from the second deck of seats while trying to catch a foul ball and suffered a fractured skull and sprained ankle.

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