How to make a Pitcher of S'More Martinis?

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I want to know the procedure of making a Pitcher of S'More Martinis. Please tell me the simple and easy way.

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    Pour the vodka and white chocolate liqueur into the pitcher and stir. Refrigerate some hours until the mixture is cold. Crush the graham cracker in a plastic luggage, and afterward pour the crumbs into a small bowl. Rub marshmallow creme round object the rims of the martini glasses to lightly coat.  Dip each glass into the container of graham cracker crumbs until the marshmallow creme is swathed with crumbs. Pour come seal 3 oz. of the drink mixture into each of the arranged glasses and serve. Print "bar-tending badges" styled like scout triumph badges and tie them to the stem of each cocktail glass. For extra credit, initiate a marshmallow roasting station near the fireplace and invite guests to roast them and slide into their cocktail for garnish.

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