Making Your Own At-Home Facial Mask

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This is a Step by Step Guide to Making Your Own At-Home Facial Mask. It will detail everything you need to know to use household products for an effective face mask.

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    Facials and refining masks are an important and beneficial part of one's skincare and pampering routines. It is important to treat the skin on your face to these types of treatments in order to help it achieve its full potential. Given that your face is with you for life, a little time spent now goes a long way and as many can vouch, a facial mask is a wonderful experience that many pay obscene sums for. Luckily, using natural and healthy household products, you can create an effective and useful at-home facial mask. The following Step by Step Guide details everything you will need as well as the process required. Things Required: - oatmeal (1/4 cup) - a blender/grinder - milk (1-2 tablespoons) - honey (.5-1 tablespoon)

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