Major agriculture Jobs description available in India

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Hi, my younger son wants to choose agriculture field, for his profession, could you tell me the India’s major agriculture Jobs description, so that I can get idea about his job nature and responsibilities, thanks.

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  1. kate

     The agriculture industry of India is flourishing now days and one can easily find job in this sector, you can become an Agricultural Inspectors, Farm Manager, Horticultural Consultant, Dairy Manager or agriculture engineer. The jobs descriptions and responsibilities of the candidates are given below:
    • Agricultural Inspectors: Agriculture job as agricultural inspector is related to checking the quality of fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and grains. Being an agricultural inspector you must know the laws associated with the health, safety and quality of meat, fruits, vegetables, poultry and eggs. In this job employee visits to the site are made by the agricultural inspector for inspection. To become an agriculture inspector one must have the related courses in biology or agricultural science or Bachelors degree in Agriculture.
    • Farm Manager: Farm manager is responsible to manage the whole farm and his responsibilities depend upon the size of the farm. He will control different operations of farm and also provide coordination. If you are interested to become a farm manager then it is necessary to get the two-four years degree in farm management.
    • Horticultural Consultant: Horticultural consultant can be business specialist, or technical specialist who analyze the problems of their client and provide them possible answers. Analysis of yield and how much in the financial return is also examined. If you are finding a job as horticulture consultant then you must have the abilities to check and examine the plant and tree nurseries, farmers, botanical gardens, public gardens, commercial growers of crops or flowers and other public spaces.
    • Dairy Manager: the dairy manager must be responsible person who can perform the dairy production as per market requirement, maintain the quality standards, and minimize the waste production.
    • Agricultural Engineer: Agricultural engineer is one of best career in agriculture jobs. As an agricultural engineer you will have to be experienced with the agriculture technology, biological sciences, farm, power and machinery, soil and water conservation, agricultural products and their production.

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