Major Events that happen in Australia

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Can anyone list some of the top events and happenings that occur in Australia?

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  1. Australia Guide
    Australia has several significant major events during the course of a year, here are just a few: Anzac Day, which is one of the most important dates on the Australian calendar which takes place on the 25th of April each year. On this day, people from all areas of Australia gather to pay their respects to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The Nikon Indy 300, which is an annual racing event held on the streets of Surfers Paradise, on the Gold Coast. Tropfest Film Festival, is Held annually in the month of February, Tropfest is a free, public, outdoor annual short film festival held in various locations throughout Australia. Birdsville Races, is held in early September, the annual event attracts thousands of people and great entertainment, class horseracing and premium hospitality makes for a fantastic week in the outback. Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is an icon of Australian sport. Attracting thousands of international visitors each year, the event sees Sydney Harbour has a mass of colorful sails.

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